2015 Cleveland Pet Expo™ Testimonials


Exhibitor Testimonials:

“All of the people with the Pet Expo were very kind and most helpful. You have an awesome staff!”
DeJohn Pet Services – Sherri

“We were very pleased with our experience.”
Herps Alive Foundation – Keith

“Thank you Amazing Pet Expos for providing an indoor venue that attracts hundreds, if not thousands of pet owners who are interested in learning about the pet related businesses and nonprofits in Northeast Ohio.”
One Health Organization – Dr. Anna

“I enjoyed being here and interacting with the people and their dogs. The staff here was very nice.”
Buckeye Pet Pooper Scoopers – James

“Much improved location from downtown. Great flow of attendees. Many more dogs than last year.”
A Gentle Farewell – Dr. Kim Parker

“We had a very great time.”
Costco Wholesale – Scott

“Great Expo! Several dogs visited and participated in events. Great new volunteer and potential adoption contracts made. Also a very successful day to sell products in support of our dogs.”
ROAR Inc – Crystal

“Very good attendance.”
Suburban Pet Crematory – Diana

“The staff at the Cleveland Pet Expo was so professional! This was our first time as a vendor and they turned my frown upside down. Hats off to Ashley, Jen and Ethan.”
X-ta-C Biscuit Bar, LLC – Amy

“Great event, great staff, great vendors and a great day!”
Canine Castle Grooming – Bonnie

“Absolutely loved the show. We had lots of fun meeting new people and making future adoptions. We love educating new people on the pet over population and spay/neutering. The show brings us more exposure to our rescue, cause and our adoptables.”
The Pet Society – Teresa

“This was my first experience at this show and it was great. Good amount of traffic and generally well organized.”
Cleveland Veterinary Acupuncture – Julie

“Set up and set up times were very convenient.”
Unique Home Solutions – Gina

“It was great to talk with all the visitors.”
Ava Anderson – Marsha

We were a Vendor and we wanted to say what a wonderful staff you had at theCleveland Pet Expo a big shout out to Ashley and Jen for their endless effort to make this a great experience! Ethan wasn't bad either LOL. Thank you to all the wonderful Pet Parents that stopped by our boothheart emoticonHoping to see you all again next year!
X at C Biscuit Bar  Amy

Attendee Testimonials:

Thought the pet costume contest was really cute! We were there until 1.
Kim Chokas Longar

Had a great time meeting other dogs and seeing all the cute costumes.
Dawn Kilpatrick

Free nail trim and discounted vaccines. Being able to see products and any samples/coupons handed out.
Krystal LaFontaine

My lil grand dog had a good time and so did i thanks!!!
Cheryl Jackson

It was fun meeting Shorty and Hercules! Also those donkeys were adorable!
Renee Kirchner

Cat show was awesome!
Jill Brevick

I liked the location this year. Free accessible parking, and an area to walk around. The book sale was a bonus.
Sandy Bowers

It was a great opportunity for people to bring their dogs out for a day of fun.
Laurie Kelly

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that took the time to stop by the Emerald and Sandstone Animal Hospital's grooming booth. I enjoyed meeting all of you and I hope to see some new faces in the salons! Also, we appreciated everyone that stopped by our vaccination booth to get vaccines and microchips! You're all amazing, thank you!!
Briana Kelly

Cat show and the "dog costume contest" was the best!
Patti Hetzel

The house cat act was great. Please bring them back next year. It was the best thing in the expo!
Jill Brevick

Yes...I thought it was pretty good since it was a free event.
Jen Salvaggio



Service Providers

dogpoop DogPoopBags.com is generously donating all of the dog poop bags for our event! f2d9af03a923f32474b3936652b9938d Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing is the official Lure Course provider.
State-Farm-New-Logo-2012 StateFarm™ is the official Agility Course Provider.

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